Friday, April 18, 2008

Free Vacation Rental Business-Change Your career

UPDATED JUNE 23, 2009,
Asheville resident is choosing to pay it forward! If you are unfamiliar with this concept, a brief description is as follows: giving unconditionally to another with the intention to start a chain reaction of kindness in the world. If a person can buy atleast two of the three properties for sale, they can have the business, the unique business model, the inventory, and the website which is the marketing, as well as the current stored rentals. Yes! You are give the start up capital.

Carolina Mountain Rentals -'Asheville NC Cabins' after many years of research, created the first Internet driven vacation rental business of its kind. It is unique in every aspect of the business. It is set up so the owner never meets the customer, and it is solely done on an honor system. The system not only generates a conscious home away from home feeling of trust with the patrons, it is also provides affordable family travel plan. The owner is a licensed interior designer so careful attention to comfort was noted in the reconstruction of these cottages and chalets such as hot tubs create romantic retreats for couples.

The three properties that make up the business were carefully chosen to suit the needs of tourists visiting the Biltmore Estate area. The marketing base will surprise you. The reason this business is successful is the market it caters to. You will never believe who, in the family is really calling to make the travel arrangements.

If the owner had to find similar properties again, it would be impossible. Asheville is changing, the zoning and rental rules have drastically changed. (see These new rules have eliminated competition close to downtown Asheville and the Biltmore Estate. Cabins can exist but they have to be in a commercial environment or are too far away from the city for vacationers . 'Asheville NC Cabins' did the paperwork when the legal opportunity was present, which allowed its chalets and cottage to keep their vacation rental status regardless of the fact that they are only 15 min to downtown Asheville.

There are many reasons why this is a golden opportunity for the right person. Asheville is growing fast. It is very easy for a couple to spend $350-$600 per night on a nice hotel room for the luxury to be close to Asheville. At Carolina Mountain Rentals a family of 6 can still visit; have the privacy of a cottage, hot tub, and close location all for $150 per night. The patrons that shop price are usually extremely grateful to get a value in an area where prices are ever increasing.

So now let's explain the pay it forward part. Three properties in Carolina Mountain Rentals are offered for sale with a local realtor, Cindy Bock, Prudential Realty, 828-606-1957.

Don't worry about competition. If a investor comes along that wants to buy other property in the Asheville area, the property would just sit or have to be flipped because without the zoning, short term rentals are prohibited. The potential for failure does exist in just buying property and hoping for the best. Who takes that kind of risk anymore? Eliminates the risk. So the pay it forward offer is, if someone buys the two or three properties at the asking price, 'Asheville NC Cabins', which is Carolina Mountain Rentals will, give free, the gift of the entire vacation business, marketing program, trademarks, teach them how to do the business, hold their hand and give the start up capitol to run the business. This is not a little gift. It is a pay it forward gift valued at over 100,000. See videos of the Blue Ridge Chalet, The Black Mountain Chalet
and the Tupper house at


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